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"Men are just good for one thing: Being living foot stools." - Lady Angelina. What this very attractive young Mistress meant contains the description to this site. Each single one of more than 170 models is really enjoying what she does. They are all up to humiliate, enslave and degrade their male victims. They trample them, make them lick the bottoms of their feet and command them to kiss and suck each of their well polished toes while they are smiling in total supremacy.

Some of them bound their slaves up to make it impossible for them to escape as they train them to become needful foot slaves. Others will just let men beg them to start adoring their feet. After they have done a good job, some of them will also reward their new foot pets by allowing them to eat crushed things from their soles. Get on your knees in front of those ladies, lower your head and start doing what you are good in: licking, sucking and worshipping sexy female feet.
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